ALL LEVELS – Our All Levels classes are taught in a way to welcome and include practitioners of all experience levels. Each class will last for one hour and fifteen minutes. The sequence of poses vary from class to class and our teachers are skilled at adapting as needed for each individual. These classes are typically active and challenging in a good way. Yoga classes that are good for you inside and out!

AGELESS – This class is designed for those whose physical limitations or injuries that make it necessary to practice slowly and with focus. For students who want to build strength, improve balance and coordination, while relieving stress. This class teaches students how to help themselves using the healing benefits of yoga as their tool. It offers techniques for joint support, muscular strength, balance maintenance, and injury prevention. Appropriate for beginners and those who have some experience with yoga.

ADVANCED CLASSES – A class for serious students of yoga who have had at least one year of steady Iyengar style yoga practice (or by permission of the instructor). All poses learned so far will be done with more refinement and more advanced asanas will be introduced. Students should be able to hold shoulder-stand and headstand for 5 minutes as variations of these poses will be practiced. This class will challenge your mind and your body and take your practice further.

BEGINNING CLASS – Taught as a 6-week series, especially designed for beginners. You will learn the foundations of yoga to help you build strength, flexibility and to relieve stress. This is an active class, excellent for those who are totally new to yoga or new to Iyengar Yoga. This class is not for students with serious physical limitations. Each 75-minute session will build upon the prior class in a progressive manner. You will get the most out of the classes if you attend them all. And, we will send out the recording and sequence after class so you can practice to it throughout the week. 

PRANAYAMA CLASSES – Pranayama, in its simplest form is the study of the breath. Though breath is always present in our practice, we don’t always pay attention to it. These classes will teach possible prop set-ups to enhance the movement of the breath, how to observe the breath, and then some techniques to control it. Through the control of the breath we can bring our attention deeper within, learn how to deeply relax, and better understand the connection between the body, the mind and the breath. If you are new to this class, Please take a few minutes to view Chris’ video on Common Pranayama Setups on The Yoga Place YouTube channel.  

RESTORATIVE CLASSES – Restorative yoga helps provide physical and mental balance to help manage stress and anxiety. Through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, you gain the benefits of deep, passive stretching.
These special restorative classes will include supported poses and breathing techniques that will rest your body and calm your mind. Classes are open to all levels yoga students. Offered monthly.