The Yoga Place is for people of any age, any fitness level, and any ability. We focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t do. You are welcome here.


3-Classes for $25

Come and experience the Iyengar difference. Includes a FREE studio orientation & consult. We'll help you pick the right class for you!
(To schedule your orientation & consult, send us an email.)


Feel Better

Yoga can be done by flexible or stiff people, strong or weak, elderly or young, and also by some people with disabilities. We offer a range of classes to suit varying abilities.

The yoga poses are a unique form of exercise in that the same pose can benefit all body types. They build strength where strength is needed; they build flexibility where flexibility is needed; they help release tension where it is unwanted.

Personalized Support + Guidance

At the Yoga Place, you’ll be guided by experienced, knowledgeable instructors. Iyengar yoga instructors undergo rigorous training and evaluation before being certified. That deep expertise allows them to support you throughout each class—with clear instructions, props, adjustments and modifications. Participants are given individual assistance according to their needs.


Unlock Your Potential

In Iyengar Yoga, we focus on gradual yet steady progress. You might notice this progress in your strength, endurance, or flexibility—but also in your mindset. Your ability to slow your reaction, to assess situations calmly and respond appropriately. Your ability—and even eagerness—to tackle tough challenges. Your resiliency, and your confidence.

You’ll leave class feeling accomplished. Empowered. Energized, but calm and focused.

Join Our Community

Don’t be afraid to begin. Wherever you are in your health + wellness journey, you are welcome. Know you will be supported, and nurtured, here at The Yoga Place.

Discover what you can accomplish.