The Support of Sangha

Jennie Williford shares her thoughts on the importance of sangha – community- in our practice of yoga. The sangha is an important building block of awareness, knowledge, and understanding on any spiritual path.


Sabbatical and Study

Jennie will be on Sabbatical from Mar-May. And like her, you must continue to find the time for your own study at The Yoga Place! Here is what Jennie will be up to while she is gone…


Yoga’s 8 “Limbs” – In Action!

The 8-Limbs of Yoga can be discovered “in action” when given the knowledge and guidance to do so. Come discover new depth to your posture practice by learning about all the other 7 aspects of the total yoga practice!


Add New Life to Your New Year!

The practice of 108 Sun Salutations is an energizing and life-giving way to start off your New Year! Join us on January 1, 2023 at 10:00am for this guided practice.


Celebration of Knowledge and Tradition

December is full of celebrations and remembrances within the Iyengar Yoga tradition. The spread of yoga and the amount of knowledge we have about yoga in current times and in the West can easily be tied to BKS Iyengar and his family’s teaching of the subject.

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Detachment in Every Moment

To reach the final goal of yoga, kaivalya, ultimate freedom, we must continue to be disciplined in action and aware in each moment. The last detachment is even of the “I” itself, and we must not get distracted in order to experience the BEING in every moment.


It’s Not Just Breath – It’s PRANA !!!

BREATH – the power is in the prana! Prana is our life’s energy, and is also the only explanation of WHY breath practices have such amazing health and wellness benefits. It is our last reading of our Summer Book Club, but pick a practice to try before we meet!


A Little Faster – Now Hold….

From conscious hyperventilation to stopping your next breath – inducing short bursts of extreme stress on our nervous system through breath regulation may teach us to relax and restore more completely. Practices introduced in Chapter 8 and 9 of BREATH by James Nestor may require some supervision!



Chapter 7 of BREATH takes us on a journey of discovering HOW to create space in our mouths that ultimately effects our breathing! Chewing real food and attempting the exercise of “Mewing” seems to bring change for James Nestor…what are you willing to try???


New Look. New Intention.

Being together once again has brought a joy and lightness that is invigorating. In some ways, we feel born again, emerging from our solitude. We’re energized; recommitting to our goals.