Chris - Guruji

Awakening the Consciousness

On March 15th , Chris Saudek presented a yoga class as a benefit to members of IYNAUS (IyengarYoga Association of the United States). It was part of Coast to Coast…


Develop (or Hone) Your Home Practice

Join us February 17 and 18 for our “Develop Your Home Practice” Workshop – 10% discount available before Feb 1. Learn to tailor a home practice just for YOU to increase your benefit of yoga between classes.


The Relevance of a “Guru”

Remembering the relevance of a “guru” on the Birthday of BKS Iyengar.


Learning to Learn in Yoga

Do we come to yoga to “do” or to “learn”? This language matters and so does the approach. Learn to learn yoga despite the obstacles set forth in practice!

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Iyengar and Vinyasa

Join us for our next 4-week Special Series – “Iyengar and Vinyasa”. We will explore the reasons and depth of sequential posture within yoga practice and discover why the flow of asanas really matters.

yoga class bending forward

The Hands and Feet of Yoga – Foundations and Sensations

Hands and Feet are important foundations for so many of our Yoga postures. Gaining sensation and awareness in these much ignored body parts can lead to more connection within our practice. Join our Special Series in September to explore!


The Sprouts from “Embrace Yoga’s Roots”

We have finished our journey with “Embrace Yoga’s Roots” by Susanna Barkataki, but the work has just begun. What will sprout from the roots of yoga for you?



Chapter VI in Embrace Yoga’s Roots gives us the actionable steps toward the liberation that yoga promises. The ethical foundations of Yama and Niyama are the root of all action – on or off the mat…in the studio and beyond.


Listen, Lift Up, Take Action

Chapter V in Embrace Yoga’s Roots begins to give us tools and suggestions to reconnect in our yoga spaces and communities. We must acknowledge that we do not live in a vacuum and that it takes creativity to stay integrated and involved.


Leaning into Reconnection

Chapter V in “Embrace Yoga’s Roots” starts to give us a pathway to reconnection. Knowing and acknowledging where we have separated from the roots of yoga is only the first step, and individual growth is just the beginning.