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Iyengar and Vinyasa

Join us for our next 4-week Special Series – “Iyengar and Vinyasa”. We will explore the reasons and depth of sequential posture within yoga practice and discover why the flow of asanas really matters.

yoga class bending forward

The Hands and Feet of Yoga – Foundations and Sensations

Hands and Feet are important foundations for so many of our Yoga postures. Gaining sensation and awareness in these much ignored body parts can lead to more connection within our practice. Join our Special Series in September to explore!



Yoga Sadhana Summer Camp is coming soon – a camp for adults who love yoga! Join us for this in-person only, in-studio, deeper exploration of your yoga practice through summer camp themes!


Yoga’s 8 “Limbs” – In Action!

The 8-Limbs of Yoga can be discovered “in action” when given the knowledge and guidance to do so. Come discover new depth to your posture practice by learning about all the other 7 aspects of the total yoga practice!


How’s Your Back?

Back issues are one of the biggest reasons students seek out a yoga class – neck pain? lower back pain? upper back stiffness? The spine and the back are part…


What’s In a Name ?- Sanskrit in Action and Asana

As time is flying and Fall is arriving, time to look ahead and plan some more in-depth study for the Monday night specials. For October, we thought we would revisit…


Back to Basics! A special summer series with The Yoga Place

June 14-August 2 we will be offering an in-studio only series on “the basics” of yoga. Maybe you are completely new to the practice of yoga. OR maybe you have…


Get to Know Your Hips and Pelvis – Special Workshop Offering

Blog Written by Chris Saudek The Yoga Place is offering a special workshop with Chris Saudek on Sunday, April 11th from 2-5pm CST. Sign up HERE ! In this asana…


Your Shoulders and Yoga

The Monday night monthly special topic classes have been popular, so we will continue in April with “Your Shoulders and Yoga:  Support, Strength, and Sustainability”. So many joints can be…


I Believe I Can Fly

Starting next Monday at 6:30-7:45pm, during the month of March, we will be offering a special 4-week series on Arm Balances. Just by saying or writing “arm balances”, I already…