Develop (or Hone) Your Home Practice

Join us February 17 and 18 for our “Develop Your Home Practice” Workshop – 10% discount available before Feb 1. Learn to tailor a home practice just for YOU to increase your benefit of yoga between classes.

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Detachment in Every Moment

To reach the final goal of yoga, kaivalya, ultimate freedom, we must continue to be disciplined in action and aware in each moment. The last detachment is even of the “I” itself, and we must not get distracted in order to experience the BEING in every moment.


Omnipotence and Omniscience

We are coming closer and closer to the end of the Third Chapter in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. With that, comes subtler and subtler knowledge and even more amazing…

elements of yoga

Mastery of Elements in Yoga

We discussed the power of “hearing distant and divine sounds” and what that means to each of us. In the end, the idea of “divine” sound was boiled down to…

The Vital “Winds”-Vayus

The Vital “Winds”-Vayus

In the last Yoga Sutra Discussion Group we discussed three more sutras in the third chapter regarding yogic powers that relate to integration of the energetic “winds” called the vayus and the…


Knowledge and Sight of the Soul

Our last Yoga Sutra Discussion Group was a great opportunity to recap the Cosmology of yoga and the very essence of of “why” we practice. To understand the 36th (and…


The Distraction of Divinity

We know that the ultimate “goal” of yoga is to truly know one’s Self, leading to pure knowledge of the soul (purusa), devoid of distraction or hindrance from Nature (Prakrti).…


Heart vs Mind – Intuition vs Intelligence

Thank You to Sharon Jessee, one of our students at The Yoga Place, for contributing her thoughts and notes on this discussion that I was unable to facilitate. One of…


Knowledge of Self – Chakras and Nadis

In our last discussion of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we discussed three more sutras that have to do with knowledge of the nadis and chakras (energy lines and centers)…


Yogi Knowledge : Of Self and Universe

In our last Yoga Sutra discussion group we discussed sutras 27-29 in the Third Chapter on “yogic powers”. In these sutras it becomes clear in the various commentaries that the…