New Look. New Intention.


The pandemic was a trying time for many. We were isolated, fearful. And while COVID-19 remains in existence in the world, many of us have resumed activities that we had paused during the height of the pandemic—gatherings with friends and family, dining out, travel, and in-person yoga classes.

Being together once again has brought a joy and lightness that is invigorating. In some ways, we feel born again, emerging from our solitude. We’re energized; recommitting to our goals.

Here at The Yoga Place, this feeling encouraged a refresh. Visually, we’ve updated our logo and website to better capture the vigor and energy students can expect here. But this refresh runs deeper than just aesthetics. We’re recommitting to our intention to be a place where everyone feels welcome, regardless of ability. We want to be more welcoming than ever, inviting new students to join our community so they can experience the joy of yoga. And we want students who haven’t been in to practice with us in a while to know: you’re always welcome. We’d love to have you back: in-person or on ZOOM. We want to be a place where beginners can develop a love of yoga, and a place where experienced practitioners can deepen their practice.

So please, take this opportunity to refresh with us. Invite a friend, neighbor, colleague, or family member to join you for a class. Let’s spread the joy of yoga together. And while you’re here, consider: what is your intention, as you re-emerge from the isolation and fears of the past? And how can yoga help you on that journey?

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Pam Starcher

Owner, The Yoga Place. Pam began taking classes at the studio in 2012 after a friend recommended Chris Saudek's teaching. Pam found the practice so beneficial that when Chris mentioned she wanted to sell the studio, Pam decided she wanted to make sure La Crosse didn't lose the beautiful resource. In April 2015, she purchased the studio and shortly thereafter decided to pursue certification in the Iyengar method.