person doing yoga next to flower painting

Bring “May Flowers” to Your Yoga!

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” is a common saying, and we are settling into those rains that begin to bloom the Spring flowers around us. In yoga, our practice helps…

The Vital “Winds”-Vayus

The Vital “Winds”-Vayus

In the last Yoga Sutra Discussion Group we discussed three more sutras in the third chapter regarding yogic powers that relate to integration of the energetic “winds” called the vayus and the…


Spring Cleaning – Body, Mind, and Breath

Spring is in the air and soon we will all emerge to the sunlight with squinting eyes and sluggish bodies. We take the time to dust off and clear out any build-up in the house and home over winter, switch over the wardrobe, and get outside. But what about our inner spaces? How do we deal with the build-up and low energy mood of the darker days? Can we even have tools to open the lungs for breathing better as allergy season arrives?


Knowledge and Sight of the Soul

Our last Yoga Sutra Discussion Group was a great opportunity to recap the Cosmology of yoga and the very essence of of “why” we practice. To understand the 36th (and…


Movie Night at The Yoga Place!

On Friday, March 25th at 5:30pm, Jennie Williford will be hosting a movie night at The Yoga Place to show “Doing Time, Doing Vipassana” Many of you know that Jennie…


Mobility and Movement

When “Iyengar Yoga” comes to mind, most of us think of stability, holding poses longer, strict alignment. However, one trip to India and taking classes with Indian teachers (including the…


The Distraction of Divinity

We know that the ultimate “goal” of yoga is to truly know one’s Self, leading to pure knowledge of the soul (purusa), devoid of distraction or hindrance from Nature (Prakrti).…


Heart vs Mind – Intuition vs Intelligence

Thank You to Sharon Jessee, one of our students at The Yoga Place, for contributing her thoughts and notes on this discussion that I was unable to facilitate. One of…


Knowledge of Self – Chakras and Nadis

In our last discussion of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we discussed three more sutras that have to do with knowledge of the nadis and chakras (energy lines and centers)…


Iyengar Yoga Ignite!

We have a new Monday evening series starting TONIGHT! so don’t miss out. As we have all been facing a bit of struggle the past years, it is important to…